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chuck mosley died, i was homesick and moved back to ohio : ( , but may check them out this tour, need a solid paycheck, its new material, seen sam like 5 times in total while in portland, once for dead moon night day three solo shows and the" hell no" protest fundraiser, for planned parenthood and ACLU. Made a good first impression on sam but we arent like friends or anything. I do want to make my way out west again but this new album, don't want to miss out, ive missed out on quasi so many times in the past, never been to a proper quasi show and im running out of time.

i'm diggin the new album so far, love the 12 string he uses on his youtube vids.

Question, is that Stephens house with the small tower built on the corner of the foundation in the vid short?


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forgive me for asking this

but is there a tab for "no more shoes" out there? watching the acoustic version

i would like to learn this song if there's any information out there, i can put the peices together and learn the tune but if i stop playing i forget them very quickly : [

I have been posting cover videos on facebook, and I get a warm reception sometimes from family , i'll share if someone asks but not obliged to, its a groovy tune.

ps: never tackled a malkamus tune yet like many of his fans do just throwing this out there




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I was there, had a good time,this cute little kid was running around with an ohio tshirt on, heh, I just came from there, felt weird because I was telling people I was from there and the kid owned the tshirt though I get anxiety, heard voiced in my head saying, "is that little kid from ohio" and my thought s replyed back yes. just, kinda meeting a lot of people from there though

Only recognized a few songs but it sounded tight braw been 11 years, see n the face the truth tour last


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88 is the new 44

Happy Birthday


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I was thinking of moving to austin but the people on yelp austin arent very welcoming. austin banned lyft and uber and someone said 10,000 people will be looking for work. never been out west or down south.

but yeah, steve and the jicks get a lot of love, just thought it was a gamble to find someone on this board.


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hey who lives in portland who still frequents the boards? seems like theres 7 or so diehards around the world who are keeping this board alive.

i may become a citizen of portland soon so maybe we can be friends or something. im not rich so i don't travel a ton.

whats up, i might move to portland in august just because i want to. been wanting to get away. find a job buy a new car and take some jazz lessons possibly, not sure if i have enough backbone to practice a ton but it is one of my goals.

Mabye get a cat. I liked a ton of cat pages on facebook and they are cute but starting to get annoying. most of them travel the world and live better than most humans.


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discovering r stevie moore on youtube, reminds me of jack black on this video of his

there was a kickstarter documentary lastyear and he was touring, the kickstarter claims he is broke

been listening bunch of anime music also, some of it is annoying , other times it is good.

I just put my player on shuffle. I try to listen to something new everyday.


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seneca wrote:

one of the few things I remember about the gig—it sucks I was actually fantasizing about being sober and getting a coffee at the Starbucks on sixth and Congress before hitting the show- so I could relish in it and remember every small detail, but of course Austin takes over as always (part of the reason I got bored living there) - couldn't tell you what songs were played on it ----maybe old Jerry?

what do you mean by Austin takes over?

I'm thinking of moving there..in the near future. I was thinking I can learn to play bass and maybe I can get into a band.


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kate h wrote:

Thanks, thanks, ya'll.

Alright, now that I'm Nordic, the party's really starting! And BTW, breaking news, I'm so Frigg! And I look great naked and dressed in a fur blanket!


that john is full of shit


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I don't know you that well but happy belated.

realmac wrote:

so i bought it
https://www.jhspedals.com/products/guit … colourbox/

and i bought this phase 24 with the roshni robert art
https://robertkeeley.com/Keeley_Art_Mon … dals_Week1

yea, might get one of these . i got an china squire fender. i play like shit though

Dr Dog..yea i read that on here. .......According to the book "Torment Saint"..Elliott Smith recorded "roman candle" on a tascam 38-8, so that was my inspiration to wanting one. That album sounds pretty good.

I  just need to go in a decent studio to find out what mics are used for what or msg people and ask what works for them. I got a weird vibe and i'm very ametuar guitar player. Right now my vocals suck because im using the built in mics on my 4 track dp-006 and using my sm-58 mic on my spring reverb amp. sound like shit. I need help sad

I took spring season off of college to work on music and ended up throwing my acoustic yamaha around and ive had it for 7 years or so but the neck snapped in half this summer:(

I don't really live and breath music. i just play a little.

was looking at this youtube "10 easiest guitar solos". the guy was obnoxious and a show off and some were easy solo's but, "fight for your right to party" seems hard for me.... so I am not too great.

I am tempted to see that 1 guy, but a friend of mine who is pretty decent is playing the same night. He plays lead pretty well.

But since nobody wants to start a band with me , that 1 guy is appealing to me.

thanks for files, is there any other way to get it without upgrading dropbox? I got some stuff from a coursa project I wouldn't mind getting rid of but its only 2 gb. Is there any other way to get the file?

I don't even own an apple right now anyways but I have a 4tb hardrive. It is nice of you to offer your stuff though, thanks.

direction wise,... should a aspiring musician get comfortable with DAWS ,(maybe get a apple ) and experiment with them, or should someone get a tascam 38-8 and try to record on that and experiment a bit, or something else?

I have a digital 4 track tascam-006 and am annoyed with the built in mics because i rarely travel, its fun to tinker around with but i want to get something else.

Also, have a shure sm57 mic and I have no idea what im doing. I need the right external gear too.

I am a whackpacker I guess,

There'S one old tascam reel 8 track on ebay and it looks expensive but by my means at least but could be a nice comfortable set up. I'm kinda interested in making loops on a computer program but i need like a good mic at least, if anyone could help would be nice. I am a nice person who makes stupid decisions.

*update- I think i'm gonna get a tube mic and fuck around with abelton. Maybe if I write a good song in the future i'll start to collect vintage stuff. I never even recorded in a studio before so I just want to maintain my hobby and fulfill it somehow.


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Not bad at all...some really good tunes on that one. But maybe a bit too self conscious somehow? Maybe it's just me being too self conscious that I'm listening to the son of John Lennon? Been a while since I listened to it though but I remember liking it...

Heard Goat btw??

I know, far out.... right? All joking aside was a great time.


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I flew to Montreal last summer.  It was my first time in a plane. Was gonna fly to Portland or LA because ive never been out west but the flight was shorter and I was naive to french Canadians so I had a short vacation in Canada. Had this weird fantasy like getting to know Sean. He walked by me and he was like a prince or something with a stylish hat. It was my first time in a plane. Before the show Charlotte Kemp walked around the crowd to mingle with fans or to get water from the bar. I am not sure but I was kinda fat then so I didn't want to act like hot shit misogynist type of guy, PLUS with my past attemps I figure its best to just enjoy the music.

I think the band is pretty talented. They don't write hits and the videos I think they tried to hard to be artistic or avant-garde or whatever. Overall the music isn't bad. So that is my main inspiration for at attempting to write music and deal with my past.
I am a peaceful person. My favorite song was and probably still is "Don't look back Orpheus".  And naturally I got way into the Beatles again , got a little out of hand with bootlegs and stuff. I wish I seen Beck though, unfortunately he wasn't in Montreal when I seen Goastt.

But I think next summer I am going to visit Portland, maybe go to a few strip clubs or something. Or see a band.


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whats a spoon nose?

I put effort into some songs ("covers"- no analysis needed) and I have a story that angers me a little

Bewls I don't you know or anyone that well. You're right my songs a narcissistic, that why I recommend the covers.

Ok Bewls I love you man, Stay Pretty.


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This is all displacement in Psych terms..
You really shouldn't say fuck you to setya, he is a solid dude.

Shut up Bewls. I'm allowed to stick up for myself.

Wow...you sound like you may have an epiphany once you reach your teens.
These are very impressive retorts..."shut up" and "fuck you"...must really bend your mind to spot this up. Also this

"I wan't to personally just tell him to fuck off, just before we are all dead and nobody cares:
(the wan't is fucked up BTW)

too late..nobody does care...

Ok, I came here to express how I felt about the past in later post I explained where I was coming from that I was just a fan of music and knew little about relationships between people. Obvious you care Bewls because you have some sort of agenda against me. I don't take anything back. I shared my music and I don't care what any of you think. I am not perfect So if you want to be an asshole too that fine. Bring it on.


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are you in a band raddixx? mind sharing your music if you are?

do you like any of my covers? i did a better job on those

my songs were more improved than rehearsed to death. If I was in a band i dont think I would write the lyrics, like uh brian wilson thing or whatever.