I'm selling my Pavement (and a couple of SM posters) poster collection.  I have lots of the Lil Tuffy screen printed numbered and signed collection and all are in perfect condition having been kept flat in protective covering.  There's;

- Bologna
- Dublin
- Amsterdam
- Brussels
- Berlin
- Stockton
- Seattle
- Milwaukee
- Pomona
- Vienna
- Coachella
- Munich
They are all 17.5" by 23" or 44.5cm by 59cm, all limited to 200 prints on heavyweight 100b poster stock. 

Then I've also got;

- See beautiful historic Pavement on lighter weight paper 26.5cm by 36cm
- SM Mirror Traffic promo poster signed by all 4 of SM & Jicks (this was from a gig so is rolled and not in perfect condition)
- Wowee Zowee promo poster that came folded 55.5cm by 71cm
- Alan Forbes Roskilde poster signed and numbered
- Real Emotional Trash promo poster that came folded 46cm by 61cm
- SM at the Fillmore in SF 2005 poster with giant man 30.5cm by 48.5cm
- Pavement at the Fillmore in SF 1999 poster with dancing eyes 33m by 48.5cm

I'm in UK but can post to US and Europe, I'd like to sell them all as a collection and was very pleased my vinyl collection went to a fan so hopefully someone on here is interested?  My email is lindalogan@ymail.com and I have photos of them all


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I've sold the collection as one to someone off here, which was what I wanted to do to make sure it goes to a fan.  I have posters and rare/promo CDs that I will be sorting out to sell soon.

I'm selling my Pavement and SM vinyl collection and thought this would be a good place to see if anyone's interested in any of it.  I'm in the UK and I've got;

Watery Domestic 12" picture disc
Gold Soundz 12"
Trigger Cut plus 2 12"
Rattled by la rush 12"
Range Life 12"
Cut your hair 12"
Father to a sister of thought 12"
Watery domestic regular 12"
Trigger cut plus 2 7"
Give it a day 7" EP (no pic cover)
Demolition Plot 7" EP
Exact wording of threat 7" EP
Dancing with the elders 7"
Crooked rain crooked rain 12" with free 7" Jam Kids
Extradition/Black out 7" (no pic cover)
My first mine 7" flexi
Perfect sound forever 10"

Whalebones 7"
Falling away 7"

Jo Jo's jacket 5" flexi
Baby c'mon 7"
Dark wave 10"

Let me know if anyone is interested in any of these linda logan @ ymail. com without the spaces or post here


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hey fuhrer

the lol meant i was joking!!


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hey cheese - i still have the broken tape too i just couldn't bring myself to bin it even though it is useless. i am officially an sm obsessive i cut out all the music paper and magazines cuttings and put them all together in a scrapbook - and it would be the one thing i would rescue if there was a fire in my house - my boyfriend could just burn lol


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weirdly enough i first got into sm back in 1992 when i was an impressionable 14yr old.  nme were offering money off coupons for certain new albums in hmv and i just happened to like the look of the slanted and enchanted album cover. i listened to that album so mch the casette actually broke.  still my all time favourite. sm is still my hero. i think pavement and sm helped me to make it through several scary teenage years and come out the other side as a fairly well adjusted adult - albeit with a penchant for very weirdly poetic lyrics - "electrcity and lust"


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i met sm when i was working in hmv in canada managed to scam free tickets to lollapalooza outside toronto and it turned out my canadian cousin was helping eith lighting for the show as he only lived round the corner so i was wandering around checking out the setup when who did i see but sm??

so as he walked past i said "hey stephen" and he said hi

then in oct 2003 i went to his show in belfast and got to meet him and get my ticket signed and a kiss on the cheek before he went on stage - there were a couple guys from scotland who'd travelled over and they even got their passports signed lucky fuckers.

still my best memory ever ever ever - until i become mrs malkmus of course


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akon and all that annoying ringtone/song shite that is all over the tv ads at the mo

celine dion/joss stone/charlotte church

agree with the tom cruise vote - what on earth does the lovely katie holmes see in him?? apart from his millions lol

good to see sm doing 2 dates in the uk - i'm going to both!! bring on some more in europe so i can get myselfsome decent hols. just back from seeing the killers in toronto and i rocked !


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have you heard the gemma hayes album - she says sm was a big influence on her.  my fave song at the mo is ran for miles