Topic: nba t-shirt jersey things... no me gusta

these things the blazers are wearing tonight -- i mean sure, rip city, i can dig. but these shirt things are all wrong people. pro hoops is to be played in proper jerseys.

side note, have been loving this warriors/blazers series. hope it goes all the way, no horse in this race. i stay up late and it's nice to have a good solid west coast playoff series.

Re: nba t-shirt jersey things... no me gusta

I think these t-shirt jersey things were a late David Stern era initiative. I seem to recall them debuting during the Christmas Day games two or three years ago. Ugly as sin, can't believe they still do them. Though I do believe that they sell more of these to dorky middle aged white dudes that know they cannot pull off the traditional tank.

- Nathan

Re: nba t-shirt jersey things... no me gusta

Agreed. They look horribly uncomfortable for the players, too. You can see them pulling on the sleeves because they're wedged up into their armpits. The small and tight fitting shirts with the baggy shorts is just a bad look altogether, but the sleeves barely come down past the shoulder which looks more like a blouse than a jersey.

Re: nba t-shirt jersey things... no me gusta

I hear they're moving toward selling ad space on the jerseys as well -- so i guess they're trying to be like soccer in more ways than one.

great game last night. curry was cold blooded in OT.