Topic: Selling Pavement & SM poster collection

I'm selling my Pavement (and a couple of SM posters) poster collection.  I have lots of the Lil Tuffy screen printed numbered and signed collection and all are in perfect condition having been kept flat in protective covering.  There's;

- Bologna
- Dublin
- Amsterdam
- Brussels
- Berlin
- Stockton
- Seattle
- Milwaukee
- Pomona
- Vienna
- Coachella
- Munich
They are all 17.5" by 23" or 44.5cm by 59cm, all limited to 200 prints on heavyweight 100b poster stock. 

Then I've also got;

- See beautiful historic Pavement on lighter weight paper 26.5cm by 36cm
- SM Mirror Traffic promo poster signed by all 4 of SM & Jicks (this was from a gig so is rolled and not in perfect condition)
- Wowee Zowee promo poster that came folded 55.5cm by 71cm
- Alan Forbes Roskilde poster signed and numbered
- Real Emotional Trash promo poster that came folded 46cm by 61cm
- SM at the Fillmore in SF 2005 poster with giant man 30.5cm by 48.5cm
- Pavement at the Fillmore in SF 1999 poster with dancing eyes 33m by 48.5cm

I'm in UK but can post to US and Europe, I'd like to sell them all as a collection and was very pleased my vinyl collection went to a fan so hopefully someone on here is interested?  My email is and I have photos of them all