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Topic: flaked season2

is up on netfllix. malkmus is definitely still doing the score/soundtrack.

last season i felt like it was a lot of weird textures and noises, experimenting with sounds to fill space and create mood, etc -- but just in this first episode there have been a couple of things that actually sound like songs -- and they sound cool as hell.

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Definitely. I also like the 2nd season a lot more.

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looks good so far, man  . . . I can't remember if I said this last time, but  they should imo slip in vague space somewhere in there, either in the opening credits or during some contemplative/yearning sequence - would fit the show perfectly - Will Arnett is surprisingly watchable bloke also -- Coolio beans

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Oh man, the finale is great. Felt like the end of the series though I haven't read whether thats the case.

There are two very tongue in cheek meta moments. Hat tip to Mr. Malkmus!

Interesting story here, file under life imitates art or somewhere in there: http://www.torontosun.com/2017/06/05/wi … ixs-flaked

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I binge watched Season 2 and found it very substantive yet easily accessible. Read that interview posted — Toronto Sun — & would have to agree that _if_ folks missed/didn't get/wasn't their cup of tea...the humor, bad on ya.

I found the right mix of seriousness, humor, and pathos.

Again to the critics, believability was never in question for me, even as a total non-Californian...there was no inauthenticity to the overall plausibility of this story line. If 40-yo Peter Pans flattering and cajoling 20yo chicks is all of the sudden "unbelievable" (and 20yo chicks seeking 40yo seeming grown-ups and projecting wonderland futuramas on them — until it proves untenable — is somehow farfetched) well, uh, okay, let's see the evidence....

As to the real world, no, Flaked isn't your average 9-5 workaday but then, that's for suckers anyway, amirite? And if 40yo Cali boys can't be seen as legit on a bike, how does a 50yo old Virginian girl like me catch a break? Someone's too lost in word count blog duty to know the rhythm of unhaste, and that ain't Flaked's fault.

I actually thought this was deep, very substantive. That shit was getting real, yo. And yeah, I'm kidding with that summation. But I'm not.

I do hope to see where it goes in a Season 3 but my interest would hinge on that tension toward the substantive, even where it might fall short in the human foible realm here and there. But it was pointing so strongly there in the finale...it would be a bit tragic to go all in for style and forget what was burbling in the subterranean realm, the harder hitting stuff. Keep the balance, keep the humor, keep the substance. There's truth here. LOvE the bromance.

As to Malkmus music — I wouldn't want any tack on to that pithy opener. I like its brevity, its abrupt halt, its implied quashed flash.

There's a solid sensual fold in of literal tunes to expand out the emotional depth in various scenes across the season, to broaden the tone and tenor of the tale; but confession...I wouldn't mind a bit more Malkmusian soundscape as in Season 1...I liked that, I felt Steve there.

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Well said Kate, or rather, well written (I may have to borrow some of that quash vocabulary) -

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Thank you for the heads up!

now, they're gonna burn me....