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Plus the new coupla Jicks tunes, obviously. I'm real excited to hear the rest.


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Im listening to the sound that my right knee is making when i walk down stairs.
And also the the "Meff" remix of it.


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"Happiness – We’re All In It Together"


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I hope that i never have to listen to U2 again.

"Happiness – We’re All In It Together"


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Wand - Perfume

Jjuujjuu - Zionic Mud

Dommengang - Love Jail


"It´s a fine line between clever and..eh.. stupid"

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Very silly. Very catchy.

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"It´s a fine line between clever and..eh.. stupid"

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imagine dragons

people don't change...

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da entire catalog of inxs...

people don't change...


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Jeeze, Andres et al, are you ever stunned by the numbers of replies and views on this thread:

10,557 replies


I've been listening to Oneida: ROMANCE

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Does anyone else's new music come in bunches? I think the Jicks were the last new record I got. This week I got 4.


1. The Essex Green - Hardly Electronic. This thing if fucking awesome. Album of the year for me (so far). As good if not better than anything they've done. It's almost like they saved up 10 years of songs to make an album tongue .

2. T. Hardy Morris - Dude, The Obscure. Also really good. Definitely some real gems, and some just pretty good songs.

3. The Rock*A*Teens - Sixth House. A pretty solid indie rock album. Didn't blow me away, but was solid start to finish.

4. Crooked Fingers - Red Devil Dawn (reissue). Nothing new for me as the extra demos that came with it weren't new to me, but still one of my favorite albums.

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Babyman 2



"Happiness – We’re All In It Together"


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Elegant Footage

"Happiness – We’re All In It Together"

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elegant indeed...

note to self: do not click anything while on board while holding child in lap [too much splanin' to do]

people don't change...


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Markus both of those were so hilarious!

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Been on a SUPER  Sun Ra from 73 and Miles Davis electric period kick. I put together a comp of some my favorite cuts from the Jack Johnson sessions and two part comp of Ra. Checkem out smile

73 Sun Ra Disc 1

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HmQUg5 … sp=sharing

01 Sign Of The Myth (16:12)
02 Untitled (5:27)
03 Crystal Spears (6:04)
04 Friendly Love IV (12:51)
05 Pathways To Unknown Worlds (12:34)
06 Myth Evidential (13:20)
07 Intrinsic Energies (8:43)
08 Friendly Love I (5:47)

73 Sun Ra Disc 2

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F4QDll … sp=sharing

01 Cosmo-Media (7:07)
02 Friendly Love II (13:00)
03 Of Mythic Worlds (12:49)
04 The Embassy Of The Living God (10:22)
05 Destination of the Known Unknown (9:36)
06 Sunrise In The Western Sky (20:19)
07 Space Landing (7:15)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mtK6kF … sp=sharing

01 Johnny Bratton (Take 4) (8:18)
02 The Mask (Part One) (7:48)
03 Go Ahead John (Part Two C) (3:39)
04 The Mask (Part Two) (15:47)
05 Willie Nelson (Insert 2) (5:24)
06 Little High People (Take 7) (6:52)
07 Duran (Take 4) (5:38)
08 Chieftain (14:39)
09 Little High People (Take 8) (9:29)

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I've got a music tip for you:

ઉօճ  מપլવח

ՂԵ   Եવઝદહ  વ   լօե  טד  լવսցհ,
Ղե  եવઝદહ  વ  եરવ ו ռ  եօ  ઢરપ

https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&sou … LXsh_okM1z


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Until today the only thing I heard of Molina was the Sun Kil Moon Modest Mouse covers. I forgot that he was also Sogs: Ohia which I never gave the time of day because I didnt like his covers. Anyway, listen to this.




Not normally my cup of tea but it hit me right today.

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