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Phantom Thread. Has to be among the most favorite movies and most exquisite films I've ever seen in my whole life. I'd seriously make it a top 20 all time which for me is saying something because I'm notoriously both indecisive and fickle.

If you see it and try to read it literally you'll probably hate it, especially in the knee jerk era of #metoo and all the fudged up confusion its wrought. But if you take it allegorically, symbolically, metaphorically — whatever is the proper literary term/take — then it's probably the deepest most complex meditation on love ever committed to film. And then there's the performances, the landscape, the color/tone, the era, everything. I found it flawless and I'm still thinking about it/working into its meaning and scope weeks after seeing it.

Also re-watching Gilmore Girls all the way through and both laughing hysterically and finding myself gut punched at the fights — wow, witnessing emotion really does take you to the same place biologically. It's tough. But it's a great series for Indie Rock and pop culture fans.

And I want to see that new Peter Rabbit because I want to be able to compare it to the real, gentle, pastoral, imaginative original and see just how wide the gulf in between.

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Re: Watcha Watchin'?

Loitering With Intent (real low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes because people are stupid and shallow). wink I thought it was great.
Outlander series one
The Odd Couple TV series 1
God Help The Girl (didn't really like it)

PS, I was super sad to learn that John Mahoney, Martin Crane in Frasier, died. I loved him!