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Topic: Sparkle Hard Schwag

I really hope my copy of #Sparklehard comes today but if it doesn't I'll be comforted by the arrival of my limited edition Sparkle Hard Tour Purse that arrived yesterday. All the girls (and Caitlin Jenners) will want one, too. But it's limited edition so...


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Green with envy.

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Thinking of giving my blog a sparkle makeover myself : /

Btw - that snippet of Kite in Closet sounds pretty good,,,,the singing deff hits the mark  ;-0

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"Happiness – We’re All In It Together"

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Throughout the South where the laws might be more lax and it's avant Independence Day they oughta sell Jicks-branded Sparklers boxes. Would be so collectible forevah! Ka-boom with light spritz!

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Every time The Jicks mention their merch online their followers go wild in the comments sections clamoring for them to be sold online. There’s probably tons of folks who aren’t near or can’t make it to a show or who want a t shirt RIGHT NOW!

The Jicks ought not leave any money on the table. They should either install Woo Commerce on this site or just open an Etsy shop w/ their goods (if it doesn’t conflict w/ label contracts). Especially w/ the rekkid biz changing so much, got to get that cash from the brand where you can.

And in the case of buyers in places where the shows haven’t happened yet it’s good advance street-level / word of mouth advertising and buzz building.

Just a thought that arose from the clamor of the crowd. Me, I’m happy with my limited edition Sparkle Hard purse seen above. But the people, they want MORE!