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Cool! Rob Harvilla used to write for Deadspin if my memory serves me, and threw occasional shouts to Pavement and Malkmus in his writing.

No surprise coming from the SM forum, but I obviously disagree with the phrase "feeble late decline" regarding Pavement. Terror Twilight holds up, and I think it actually holds up better as time has gone on and it is easier to appreciate it apart from the rest of the Pavement catalog as something of a transition album for SM's output. It will always have some of Malk's most interesting and clever lyrics (Speak, See, Remember -- which also just simply whips musically).

I do think that the, uh, enhanced production values of TT are actually a bit of a demerit for it. The album has a space and polish to it that just doesn't feel quite right for the canon, whether we're talking Pavement, Silver Jews, or the Jix. The different versions of The Hexx highlight this pretty well, I think.

- Nathan